System 7000

System 7000 is now available with new features and capabilities Previously available as a 128 channel, 4U- height, 19-inch, rack-mountable scanner, System 7000 is now also available as a 32-channel, bench-top scanner. In addition, it also now enables the use of linear variable differential transformers (LVDTs), as well as other types of sensors. See our instruments page

Strain Gauges & Accessories

A wide variety of strain gauges for both stress analysis and transducer purposes are available from Vishay. This range is complimented by a comprehensive choice of accessories.
Rectangular RosetteFor details look under “Products” or contact our technical support staff for assistance with selecting the most appropriate combination for your project.

Strain Gauge Installation Service

This service is aimed at
strain gauge users who
do not have their own
in-house bonding
capabilities, or those
who require extra

Training: Standard workshops

Like all measurement techniques, applied correctly strain gauges will give stable, repeatable, reliable and above all accurate results. Whilst strain gauges are not a ‘black art’, they do require a level of skill and attention to detail; they cannot be successfully applied with a “lick ‘em and stick ‘em” approach. Whilst all the information is available for successful installation, there is no substitute for professional hands-on training.

Custom WorkshopWe provide both in-house and external workshops. These can follow a general theme from our standard scheduled programme or can be customised to your own requirements. Our workshops involve more than 50% practical hands-on for all participants.

Aimed not just at strain gauge installation technicians and instrumentation engineers, these workshops can give essential understanding of the installation requirements to managers and inspection personnel.

All techniques are taught to the recognised BSSM standards and can lead to a formal qualification

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